What is BAMIN? 
BAMIN makes hyper-personal bags constructed with interchangeable parts so you can mash them up into limitless new styles that fit your active lives. They're always you, all the time. Learn more about us.

Where can I purchase BAMIN products?
BAMIN products are exclusively sold on our website, But we stock our bags in some of our favorite physical retailers and we do pop up from time to time. Email us at 

Where are BAMIN products manufactured? 
BAMIN products are made domestically using a lean, on demand manufacturing method. We use automated production tools like laser machines to make the whole process more efficient, but we also use handicraft techniques like edge painting to give our product an uncompromising level of quality. Our materials are sourced from the finest suppliers in the US and all over the world. We conduct extensive quality due diligence when selecting our partners.  


What if I need to change my order, add an item, or make an exchange?
If you need to change your order, add additional items, or make an exchange, please contact us immediately by emailing We will work with you to accommodate your request.

Where does BAMIN ship?
Currently we ship to all 50 US states and to most countries all over the world. However, custom made orders are shipped to the US, but international orders can be arranged by emailing

Do I have to pay duties?
If your order is shipped to the US there's no additional duties. But to destinations outside of the US, customers may face import taxes and duties, which vary from country to country.  If you need to pay duties and import taxes, you will be contacted by the shipping service. You will need to pay. The goods will then be released for shipment.

How do I track my order? 
After purchasing your materials, you will receive a confirmation email detailing your order. We will email you tracking information as well.

When will I receive my bag?
Your order is processed right away, but could take 1-3 business days. We then ship you the bags right away. Typically, you’ll receive your order within 5-10 days. Custom orders take 6 to 8 weeks or sooner. 

 Is my order insured?

All purchases are insured against theft and accidental damage whilst en route from BAMIN Inc. to your shipping address. Once your package has been confirmed delivered, it is no longer covered under our insurance.



How do I care for my bag?
When not in use, stuff bags with bubble wrap to retain shape. You can disassemble the parts and store them flat in the dust bag provided or in a natural fiber pillowcase. Some people love the elegant, distressed look that occurs from wear and tear. But for those who want to preserve the material, we recommend applying a protectant available at any reputable leather supply store. Remove stains as quickly as possible with a damp, non abrasive cotton cloth. Similarly, our Neomesh bags can attain that worn in look—especially the bright neon colors—from natural wear and tear. It can also be professionally dry cleaned. But to minimize stains, we recommend a fabric protectant before wearing it. Our Felt material can be professionally dry clean. And our Leopard needs to be taken to a professional leather cleaner.

Do you offer replacement/repair services?
We offer replacement/repair services under our Product Guarantee policy. We do not replace/repair products that have been misused. We will try to accommodate all repair/replacement requests, but we will have to assess them individually. For further information, email us at

How do I use my gift card or coupon code?
When you receive a gift card, simply input the code on the card in the field that states “Gift/Coupon code” at checkout. If you have any questions, contact us at

Does my gift card expire?
No. It does not expire and it’s redeemable anytime. If you have any questions, contact us at

When will I receive my digital gift card?
The recipient received them within 24 hours. If you have any questions, contact us at

How can I contact customer service?
We’re happy to discuss BAMIN products, past purchases, current orders, and any questions related to the website. You can reach customer service by emailing Business hours are Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 7 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Is my personal information kept private?
Your personal information is kept private and confidential, and we would never share it with a third party. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.

How can I view or update my information?
Click My BAMIN on the navigation bar and choose the Settings tab.

What choices do I have about receiving communication from BAMIN?
You will receive email communication in regards to ordering and shipping your purchases only. Further communication is opt-in.