As people living in modern times, we play many different roles and we express ourselves at the speed of a status update. Yet, many of the things we wear, don’t change instantly—and as often—as our creative and active lives need them to.

Until now.

Inspired by digital-age ideas like mash-ups, collages and remixes, BAMIN (Build And Make It Now) makes unisex bags made with interchangeable zippered parts so you can easily transform them with Add-On parts into new styles anytime you want.

Our current collection of everyday bags — Duffels, Overnights, Carryall Totes, Backpacks - are made in New York City using hand crafted and automated production techniques to deliver the best of both worlds: high-quality, personalized products with the efficiencies of mass production.


1. Choose a bag you’ve from our curated selections of classic and fashion forward shapes: Duffel, Overnight, Carryall Totes and Briefcase.

2. Buy Add-On parts to turn into other bag styles anytime you want. 

3. Get it and easily assemble it.


The look and feel of a bag is just as important as what you put in it. We're committed to using the best Italian and American material suppliers and quality-focused, on demand manufacturing at local factories who have been making high-end bags for decades. Choose from our three initial fabrics—Matte Leather, Leopard Printed Calf Leather or Neomesh. We'll be adding more options soon—and dreaming of a useable holographic material in the not too distant future.


Our zippers are made by YKK, the world's largest Japanese zipper manufacturer, at one of their American factories. Although the modern zipper was invented in 1913, it's as stylish and functional as ever—that's why it's our fastening system of choice for our bags. Its teeth are durable and automatically lock when not in use to ensure your belongings stay in your bag. For now, we only have it in black, but stay tuned for more colors.

Matte Leather

We use top-selection, full grain American cow hide tanned in the mountains of Italy by craftsman who have been using the same techniques for generations. The tanning process favors traditional and vegetable dye over synthetic pigments, giving our leather a soft, yet durable finish, that preserves the natural characteristics of the skins. As you wear it, the color and surface will change—elegantly aging with you over time. Matte Leather is currently available in three colors: Blue, Black and Brown.


Our Neomesh fabric is an innovative material combining neoprene and mesh, giving you both the sturdiness and malleability of neoprene, mixed with the woven texture of mesh. It comes from an Italian supplier with decades of experience making technical, yet luxury fabric for decades. Currently, we offer Neomesh in Black and five neon colors: Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue and Orange.


Our Leopard material is a beautiful calf skin printed with the exotic animal's skin pattern using a proprietary method that fuses old world handcraft technique with the latest in printing technology. We're currently offering it one pattern, but we're working on adding more designs soon.


We’ve paired our interactive web app with our US Patented products that puts the power of design and production in everyone’s hands. And with local manufacturing—an efficient hybrid of laser and handicraft production—we deliver the best of both worlds: high-quality personalized products with the efficiencies of mass production.


Founded by Robert Cordero, an entrepreneur and journalist, the New York based team consists of a small, yet eclectic group with a passion for cutting-edge style. Inspired by remix culture, we love to experiment with new approaches in fashion, so we've combined hyper-personal products with lean manufacturing—an efficient hybrid of laser and handicraft production—to bring you a new digital-age company for fashion's next generation.

Robert Cordero has been a longtime contributor to the Business of Fashion where he has discovered talents and trends before their ascent. Robert's work has also been seen on Nowness, V, V Man, Details, The National Newspaper in Abu Dhabi, and JC Report. And as a entrepreneur/designer, his work has sold to retailer such as Lane Crawford and covered in the New York Times, Elle, WWD, Refinery 29, etc. Robert has also been featured in a global, luxury brand campaign as a multi-tasking creative entrepreneur.


BAMIN has been featured in some of the most prestigious publications. i-D Magazine, Business of Fashion, Financial Times,,,, Yahoo Style, Turkish Vogue, Korea Vogue, etc.