Carryall Tote Add-On Parts in Matte Brown Leather

$ 80.00

These Add-On Carryall Tote Parts can transform any of your bags into a Carryall Tote style that’s a hardworking urban staple.
BAMIN bags are made with interchangeable zippered parts so you can always remix them into new styles anytime you want. Easily switch out the sides of your existing bag by zipping these on. You have a new bag, instantly.
—Comes in a set of 2 pieces.
—Made in USA.
—Brown Matte Leather is made from American steer hide tanned in Italy by craftsman using generations-old technique to bring out it's natural characteristics.
Dimensions in inches: W - 6.5” H - 12.5”
—Zipper is durable with a locking mechanism to keep your belongings secure. And, it easily opens when you want to get your things out of the bag.
—Black cotton lining with large rectangular zippered and sleeve pockets.
—Produced using hand crafted and automated production techniques.