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Directed by  Elena Johnston & William Cashion, indie rock group Future Islands' 2014 music video for "A Dream of You and Me" (Singles, 2014) evokes the do-it-yourself spirit of the hipster movement. Utilizing old-school video techniques like stop motion animation and crafty cut-out graphics, the video retains a lo-fi aesthetic that we're loving. 
The track itself coincides with the video's barebones style. Distant synth keys, reverb-soaked guitar riffs, and a punchy, in-your-face bass groove drives Samuel T. Herring's 70's popstar vocals. The song feels just as much a velvety dream pop soundscape as it does an upbeat indie dance track. 
It's rare to see such a DIY aesthetic in today's indie music videos, and for a band that retains a vintage sound, Future Islands did a stellar job staying true to their lo-fi Baltimore roots.