"Fraud" is an upcoming documentary by California filmmaker Dean Fleischer-Camp, chronicling one struggling family's efforts to commit fraud and get away with it. Except it never happened and the documentary is fake.

After stumbling upon a YouTube channel with hours of home video footage owned by someone named Gary, Dean Fleischer-Camp was inspired to use this existing footage to create an entirely new narrative. 

Recontextualizing the meaning of truth within the documentary film genre, Fleischer-Camp delineates a line between fact and reality. What we perceive as fact may not be fact at all, but still exists within a contained reality. It's innocent footage of a typical American family, yet the director warps it into a dark, twisted thriller. 

Usually known for his short films, Fleischer-Camp's "Fraud" was met with boos and jeers from the crowd at Toronto's Hot Docs festival. How could this film be a documentary if it isn't true? Yet this is precisely the essence of "Fraud," a film that retains just a sliver of truth.