LISTEN | New Year Playlist: So Over You 2017

Yesterday, we made a playlist of Youtube videos commemorating our break up with 2017. But by popular demand, we have created a Spotify playlist so you can have a soundtrack to help you walk into 2018 fiercely. 

WATCH IT | New Year Playlist: So Over You 2017


2017, we’re done with you. Don’t take it personally, but looking back just takes more energy than looking ahead. We’ve had our incredible moments with some real what-the-fresh-hell thrown in. And now, it’s time to make like Bernie in that iconic car burning scene from Waiting to Exhale, and let go. So we’ve put together a playlist of breakup songs by our favorite divas and their wise words—on rejection, regret, acceptance, perseverance, pride and and ultimately redemption—to help us walk into 2018 fiercely. 

SEE IT | We're on TLC's DIY Fashion Tip










Concert merchandise, once a way for artists and bands to promote their music, has evolved into unique brand of its own. But, our favorite items aren't from Justin Bieber or Kanye West or those worn-looking Nirvana or Metallica rock t-shirts that's all over Instagram. 

We're still on the TLC tip.

October 03, 2016 by Matt Scheffler