BAMIN NOTES | Trend: Musicians in Black, Godmother of Punk Patti Smith x Man in Black Johnny Cash

Traditionally, musicians and performers wear black so as to not detract from the music itself. Of course, black doesn’t have to be boring. Legendary musicians Patti Smith and Johnny Cash took wearing black to the next level, making the look an extension of their musical energy. We’re snowed in, and as a closer for our All Black Everything theme, we’re taking a nostalgic glance back at Patti Smith’s androgynous punk styling and Johnny Cash’s timeless “Man in Black” on-stage presence.

MOMENTS | Mash-up: Patti Smith x PJ Harvey Perform Collaborative Song At Ann Demuelemeester’s Book Release

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Patti Smith and PJ Harvey made a surprise appearance—and collaborative performance—at Dover Street Market London’s book signing event for deconstructionist pioneer Ann Demuelemeester’s book release. Demuelemeester retired from fashion last November and has since released a book, which showcases a visual history of her label.
Patti Smith, PJ Harvey and Ann Demuelemeester are close friends, and it’s only fitting that Patti Smith and PJ Harvey perform their first collaboration at Demuelemeester’s book event.

MOMENTS | Link Up: Dior Couture, Racial Diversity, Patti Smith Sings Stay, Smart Contacts

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1. While it’s the end of Paris men’s fashion week, we’re happy it’s also the beginning of couture week. Raf Simons’s was one of our favorite collections, and innovator Dior couture gave us a high-low remix of couture with sneakers encrusted with sequins. If this is his idea of a sport-meets-fashion look, we’re definitely game.