WATCH IT | The Digital Reality of Mykki Blanco's "Loner"

In a culture obsessed with Internet porn, virtual reality, and vanity, Mykki Blanco's music video for "Loner" fits right in. In collaboration with Nicopanda and Pornub, the music video, directed by promising newcomers Anthony&Alex, strives to define the digital age we inhabit.
November 22, 2016 by Matt Scheffler

MOMENTS | Mash-up: Celebrate the SCOTUS Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage in All 50 States with this Queer Playlist

We’ve curated the best of digital age-inspired creativity—from user-generated content, mash-ups, and remixes to collaborations between multi-disciplined makers.

About damn time for marriage equality. Today, in an historic and landmark decision, the Supreme Court has ruled 5-4 (let’s not even bother to read Scalia’s undoubted buzzkill of a dissenting opinion) that no state can deny same-sex couples the right to marry. #LoveWins indeed. Between this long overdue ruling, Caitlyn Jenner’s breakout Vanity Fair cover alongside the growing presence of trans voices, and Miley Cyrus’ LGBTQ homeless charity with Joan Jett, 2015 has been an incredible year for LGBTQ people. There will be no shortage of celebrations during Pride Festival this weekend, but we want to help you get in the right celebratory mood with this playlist of not so expected queer anthems.

MOMENTS | Link up: Beyoncé “RUN”, Mykki Blanco, #freehappyiranians, Collage Editorial, Flipbookit

 Staying relevant on the go.

1. You obviously need to know more about the looks Beyoncé wore in her “RUN” faux movie trailer. Read’s interview with stylist Mariel Haenn, and learn how she mixed elements of Bonnie and Clyde with New York street style.

MOMENTS | Link up: Dries Van Noten Exhibition, Google Maps-Inspired Prints, Arcade Fire Covers Prince, Mykki Blanco x Princess Nokia, Modern Art As Architecture

Staying relevant on the go.

1. Dazed Confused Magazine interviews Dries Van Noten to discuss Van Noten’s sensory-laden exhibition at Paris’s Musée des Arts Décoratifs.  
A series of rooms showcase all the art, sculptures, videos, paintings and works of other designers that have influenced Van Noten’s 30-year repertoire. Among the works are Nick Cave’s “Bunny Boy” and Japanese artist Makoto Azuma’s digitally manipulated flora, making the exhibition a merger of art and fashion.