WATCH IT | From Mariah to Ariana, These Divas Are Our #WCW

Titled The Evolution Of Female Singers 1950s - 2010s, the compilation features famous ladies like Aretha, Etta, Diana, Chaka, Janis, Madonna, Celine, Whitney, Lorde, Beyonce, Mariah, Aaliyah and Ariana whose powerful voices and generation defining songs have made them all legends.

SEE IT | Melting Sculptures by Tatiana Blass

With a bright, yet earthy palette, Blass' installations are dreamy but remaining grounded in a recognizable reality. In her piece entitled "Tail Chair," viewers are brought to question the role that functional design plays within the context of fine art.
November 18, 2016 by Matt Scheffler

SEE IT | The Ambient Microphone that Remixes Your Life

::vtol:: collector 

Using a complex algorithm and a high powered microphone, the Collector samples the loudest sounds in the room and creates a one minute mashup loop of everything it hears. ::Vtol::'s media installations are emblematic of visual art coming to terms with our hyper-connected digital age.

October 28, 2016 by Matt Scheffler

HEAR IT | Twin Peaks gets STRANGER with SoundCloud mashup

The summer’s hottest show was Stranger Things. Like many die-hard fans, we’ve binge-watched it enough times for our significant others to cancel our Netflix account. But, thankfully, we found solace in the Seattle-based Prom Queen’s mashup, fittingly titled "Stranger Peaks," on Soundcloud.
September 28, 2016 by Matt Scheffler