MOMENTS | Rehash: #TBT Jay Z The Black Album x The Beatles The White Album = Danger Mouse The Grey Album

We’ve curated the best of digital age-inspired creativity—from user-generated content, mash-ups, and remixes to collaborations between multi-disciplined makers. 
Back in 2004, Danger Mouse released a mash-up album The Grey Album, which takes the a cappella version of Jay-Z’s The Black Album and pairs it with instrumentals made of samples from The Beatles’ LP The White Album—hence, the name The Grey Album. The album also spawned The Grey Video, a music video shot in black and white, featuring clips from The Beatles’ film A Hard Day’s Night and interspersed with footage from a Jay-Z performance.

MOMENTS | Acronym: Jay Z x Kanye West’s “H·A·M” Is An Acronym For ‘Hard As a Motherfucker’

We’ve curated the best of digital age-inspired creativity—from user-generated content, mash-ups, and remixes to collaborations between multi-disciplined makers. 
It’s Thursday, and sometimes, the Jay Z and Kanye West rap-opera hybrid track “H·A·M” is exactly what we need to get us to Friday. As the acronym and lyrics suggest, “I’m about to go H·A·M / Hard as a motherfucker.” We have to respect Jay Z and Kanye for being ‘H·A·M’ enough to blend the song’s heavy beats and the most bizarre opera trills over a gospel piano progression.

MOMENTS | Artist Roopa Vasudevan Turns Rap Lyrics Into 3D-Printed Grillz

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Roopa Vasudevan is a multidisciplinary NYC-based artist whose latest series uses rap lyrics to determine the shape of 3D-printed gold ‘grillz’.  Vasudevan used algorithmic analysis to score the polarity between the mentions of extreme poverty and excessive wealth.

MOMENTS | Optical Illusions, Vivienne Westwood Biography, Photographer Pat Graham Modest Mouse: 1992-2010, tUnE-yArDs Laurie Anderson Talkhouse Podcast, Beyoncé x Jay Z Collaborative Album

1. AnOther Magazine has a compilation of playful optical illusions. We’re pretty tickled by Liu Bolin’s work. Bolin paints himself to blend into his surroundings, then takes a photo of it. 
2. Read this excerpt from the new Vivienne Westwood biography. Then go and get yourself a copy of the Vivienne Westwood memoir.
3. Speaking of books, photographer Pat Graham just released Modest Mouse: 1992-2010, a compilation of Polaroid and digital prints from the band’s decades of touring.

MOMENTS | Artist Daniel Gordon, Dolce Gabbana SS15, SBTRKT x Ezra Koenig “New Dorp. New York” Video, Beyoncé x Jay Z Perform “Young Forever” “Halo” on HBO, Artist Pejac

1. Check out artist Daniel Gordon’s sick 3D collages. Gordon cuts, pastes, folds and distorts pictures from the internet to create colorful 3D-like compositions. His work is on display at the Foam Gallery in Amsterdam.
2. Dolce and Gabbana SS15 was Spanish matador to a tee but with “enough Catholic guilt to choke a pope”
3. Watch as SBTRKT’s album cover comes to life in the video for their collaborative track with Ezra Koenig, “New Dorp. New York”.
4. Here’s a clip from Beyoncé and Jay Z’s HBO On the Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z. You know, if you didn’t already watch it via someone else’s HBOGo.
5. Spanish artist Pejac just keeps creating amazing art. Pejac’s series of miniature window silhouettes interact with the outside world.

MOMENTS | Link up: Beyoncé “RUN”, Mykki Blanco, #freehappyiranians, Collage Editorial, Flipbookit

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1. You obviously need to know more about the looks Beyoncé wore in her “RUN” faux movie trailer. Read’s interview with stylist Mariel Haenn, and learn how she mixed elements of Bonnie and Clyde with New York street style.