MOMENTS | Meme: Dads Are The Original Hipster, Remixing and Rehashing the Styles of the ‘70s x the ‘90s

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Father’s Day is tomorrow, so in honor of all the dads and their classic dad fashions, we’re reposting our fondness for Dads are the Original Hipsters. It’s a pretty self-explanatory blog that features the dads from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, all of whom were rocking the facial hair, thick-rimmed glasses, and the mix-and-match patterned clothing coveted by hipsters today. It’s kind of passé to make fun of hipsters, so we’re rehashing this meme #TBT out of love—mostly for the dads who were too cool before it was even a thing. Fashion and style are always taking cues from the past; the silhouettes from the ‘70s popped up again in the ‘90s, and in 2015, we’re still working through our ‘90s obsession. Here’s to the badass dads who killed it in their flannels, cycling caps and blasé attitudes.