MOMENTS | Collage: Rapper Yung Jake x x Celebrity Emoji Collages

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Rapper and artist Yung Jake has taken emojis and made them an art form. Using a new site called, Yung Jake uses our favorite pictograms to create life-like collages of celebrities like Larry David, Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa and Jay Z. The collages also incorporate an incredible amount of thought and detail; the fact that we often use emojis as descriptions isn’t lost in the collage-making process. In an emoji-filled text correspondence with Time Magazine, Yung Jake explained that, as part of his artistic process, he uses emojis that relate to the person. Case in point: Larry David’s features the old man emoji, and his receding hairline is made via clouds and old people sneakers.

MOMENTS | Frieze London: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Gabriele De Santis

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In London and going to the Frieze Art Fair? You should definitely check out Gabriele De Santis’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. De Santis made these cocktail-drinking emojis with light boxes, and we can’t help but love the playful and so very Internet nature of this installation.