MOMENTS | Mash-up: Taylor Swift’s Star-Studded, Neo-Noir Music Video For “Bad Blood” Also Happens To Be A Kendrick Lamar Remix

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That’s one way to send a message: Don’t f*ck with Taylor Swift (sucks to be you, Katy Perry). In the off chance that you didn’t watch the endless celebrity cameos in Taylor Swift’s Sin City-inspired music video for “Bad Blood,” the fact that it’s also a Kendrick Lamar remix is the only motivation you need to check it out. For the video, Lamar named his character after viral star Welvin Da Great and contributes two previously unheard verses to the 1989 track. And we can’t help but wonder if he’s sampling from his own “Backseat Freestyle” when he raps, “All my life I got money and power/ and you got to live with the bad blood now.” Let’s just take this moment to enjoy how the biggest names in pop and hip-hop seem to get enough of a kick out of each other’s music to band together for “Bad Blood.”