MOMENTS | Mash-up: Artist Nicola Katsikis’ Photo Collages Merge Graffiti x Natural Landscapes x Neon Signage

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Artspace Warehouse in Los Angeles put together a group exhibition, titled “Fluidity in Ascending Scales,” and amongst the spectacular artists featured, Nicola Katsikis’ bold photo collages really stood out. Katsikis grew up fascinated by street graffiti, and in her work, she combines her own photographs of graffiti, natural landscapes, and neon signage to create lively photo collages. Her collaged photographs are applied to wood panels, and then painted over with resin. The stark juxtaposition of urban patterns compels the viewer to look at these mixed environments just a little differently. In her artist statement, Katsikis notes, “constantly using different materials keeps her always open to new ideas.” Artspace Warehouse will display “Fluidity in Ascending Scales” until May 26, 2015.