WATCH IT | Filmmaker Uses Home Videos to Create a Fake Thriller Documentary

Recontextualizing the meaning of truth within the documentary film genre, "Fraud" delineates a line between fact and reality. What we perceive as fact may not be fact at all, but still exists within a contained reality. See how Dean Fleischer-Camp took one family's innocent home video footage and turned it into a dark and twisted thriller. 

December 03, 2016 by Matt Scheffler

MOMENTS | Rehash: #TBT Watch the Trailer for the Amy Winehouse Documentary, ‘AMY’

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Grab a box of tissues because you need to watch the trailer for AMY right now. Amy Winehouse gorgeously blended her deep vocals with profoundly personal songwriting and a mix of musical genres—jazz, rhythm and blues, reggae, and pop. Four years after her untimely death from alcohol poisoning, the internationally adored and acclaimed artist is being remembered in a two-hour documentary set to debut in British theaters July 3rd. Directed by BAFTA-winning director Asif Kapaida (best known for 2010’s Senna), the documentary will tell the story of the London singer’s life and music via archived and previously unheard tracks.

April 02, 2015 by Robert Cordero

MOMENTS | 808: The Movie Roland TR-808 Drum Machine Documentary

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808 is an upcoming documentary about the Roland TR-808 drum machine. Introduced in 1980, the instrument played a major role in shaping the sound of hip-hop, synth pop, and dance music. And if its name sounds familiar, it’s probably because Kanye West devoted an album title to the instrument’s unmistakable sound.
The documentary will include interviews with artists like Diplo, Pharrell, New Order, Rick Rubin, Questlove, Damon Albarn, Fatboy Slim, Lil Jon and many more.

#TBT | Catwalk

New York Fashion Week officially kicks off today, and here at BAMIN (Build And Make It Now), we’re reminiscing about a time when fashion was less about the entertainment and more about the creatives.
We’re not gonna lie. We’ve definitely watched Catwalk, Christy Turlington’s fashion documentary, on repeat.
Catwalk follows Turlington’s life as she floats from city to city for the 1994 runways in Milan, Paris and New York (before London ranked alongside the original ‘Big Three’). But Robert Leacock’s documentary isn’t just about Turlington. Catwalk has delightful cameos from models Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Carla Bruni and Linda Evangelista, among others.