SEE IT | Collage: Artist Colby Jones Blends Male Bodies with Greek & Roman Sculptures in ‘Cut Out For It” Series

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💪👊 "Cut Out For It" by London-based collagist Colby Jones. See the full series on 👊💪

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Collage work that explores the commodification of the ideal female body isn’t hard to find, and we don’t have to look much further than Linder Sterling’s portfolio for the best of the best. As for the idealized male form, London-based photographer and collage artist Colby Jones has a series, titled ‘Cut Out For it,’ that mashes up cut-outs of faceless male bodies with photos of classic Greek and Roman sculptures (note, the title’s very clear double meaning). “As long as I can remember, I have always aspired to achieve a physical appearance that exuded masculinity and have always felt that this would make me a desirable human being,” Jones said to Bullett Media. “Having this standard has challenged what I consider to be beautiful as I have never been able to arrive at the peak physicality as the sculptures before me.” The contrasts—between modern and classical, soft and hard—bring an interesting perspective on seeking physical perfection. You can see the rest of ‘Cut Out For Ithere.

August 24, 2016 by Robert Cordero