MOMENTS | Mash-up: Artist Zach Reini’s Semantic Algebra Blends Iconic Imagery With The Color Black

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Denver artist Zach Reini is known for his large black-on-black paintings, using the minimal nature of the color black to emphasize important visual information. His more recent work, Semantic Algebra, takes imagery like simple signs and rich, symbolic figures like Mickey Mouse and uses black to reduce these symbols to their most minimal meaning.

MOMENTS | Link up: The-Dream “Black”, Pradasphere, Lupita Nyong’o Presenting At The CFDA, Young Thug “The Blanguage” Video, 8-Bit Watercolors

Staying relevant on the go.

1. The-Dream released “Black”, a song that delivers an emphatically anti-racism and anti-classism message. Watch their lyric video, and get all the right feels from images and clips of the civil rights movement, human rights movement, gay rights movement, Pussy Riot, Occupy Wall Street and more.