LISTEN | New Year Playlist: So Over You 2017

Yesterday, we made a playlist of Youtube videos commemorating our break up with 2017. But by popular demand, we have created a Spotify playlist so you can have a soundtrack to help you walk into 2018 fiercely. 

WATCH IT | New Year Playlist: So Over You 2017


2017, we’re done with you. Don’t take it personally, but looking back just takes more energy than looking ahead. We’ve had our incredible moments with some real what-the-fresh-hell thrown in. And now, it’s time to make like Bernie in that iconic car burning scene from Waiting to Exhale, and let go. So we’ve put together a playlist of breakup songs by our favorite divas and their wise words—on rejection, regret, acceptance, perseverance, pride and and ultimately redemption—to help us walk into 2018 fiercely. 

WATCH IT | From Mariah to Ariana, These Divas Are Our #WCW

Titled The Evolution Of Female Singers 1950s - 2010s, the compilation features famous ladies like Aretha, Etta, Diana, Chaka, Janis, Madonna, Celine, Whitney, Lorde, Beyonce, Mariah, Aaliyah and Ariana whose powerful voices and generation defining songs have made them all legends.

MOMENTS | Mash-up: Listen to Ballet School’s Madonna x Beyoncé Cover, “Justify My Love/Partition”

We’ve curated the best of digital age-inspired creativity—from user-generated content, mash-ups, and remixes to collaborations between multi-disciplined makers.

Berlin trio Ballet School has done the universe a favor by merging two immortal pop songs: Madonna’s 1990 hit “Justify My Love” and Beyoncé’s “Partition.” Both songs are unapologetic renditions on sexuality and indulging out baser impulses. Singer Rosie Blair gives the steamy lyrics the sultry treatment they deserve, and the mash-up cover adds an extra trip-hop stomp. Last September, Ballet School released their album The Dew Lasts An Hour, and the trio will be kicking off their North America tour next week.

MOMENTS | Best of: 2014’s Remixes, Mash-ups, Collaborations, User-Generated Content, Multi-Disciplined Makers    

We’ve curated the best of digital age-inspired creativity—from user-generated content, mash-ups, and remixes to collaborations between multi-disciplined makers. 

It’s almost 2015, and to celebrate the end of 2014, we’ve put together a top 5 list of our favorite moments in remix culture.
1. BAMIN’s resident sound curator, Tyann Jackson, put together an All Black Everything playlist to go with our all black editorial theme. Listen to the moody trap tracks and gangster emo tunes for those who would rather catch flights than feelings. 

MOMENTS | Mash-up: Beyoncé’s Stop Motion “7/11” Music Video Gets User-Generated With iPhone Video x Seflie Stick

We’ve curated the best of digital age-inspired creativity—from user-generated content, mash-ups, and remixes to collaborations between multi-disciplined makers. 
In the most Beyoncé way possible—with no prior announcement and promotions—Queen Bey released her homemade and unusually candid music video for “7/11”. We love the delightful stop motion editing and the unbridled dance moves, but we really love that parts of the video were shot by Beyoncé herself. The singer can be seen recording with an iPhone in front of a mirror or with the aid of a selfie stick.

November 24, 2014 by Robert Cordero

MOMENTS | Optical Illusions, Vivienne Westwood Biography, Photographer Pat Graham Modest Mouse: 1992-2010, tUnE-yArDs Laurie Anderson Talkhouse Podcast, Beyoncé x Jay Z Collaborative Album

1. AnOther Magazine has a compilation of playful optical illusions. We’re pretty tickled by Liu Bolin’s work. Bolin paints himself to blend into his surroundings, then takes a photo of it. 
2. Read this excerpt from the new Vivienne Westwood biography. Then go and get yourself a copy of the Vivienne Westwood memoir.
3. Speaking of books, photographer Pat Graham just released Modest Mouse: 1992-2010, a compilation of Polaroid and digital prints from the band’s decades of touring.

MOMENTS | Artist Daniel Gordon, Dolce Gabbana SS15, SBTRKT x Ezra Koenig “New Dorp. New York” Video, Beyoncé x Jay Z Perform “Young Forever” “Halo” on HBO, Artist Pejac

1. Check out artist Daniel Gordon’s sick 3D collages. Gordon cuts, pastes, folds and distorts pictures from the internet to create colorful 3D-like compositions. His work is on display at the Foam Gallery in Amsterdam.
2. Dolce and Gabbana SS15 was Spanish matador to a tee but with “enough Catholic guilt to choke a pope”
3. Watch as SBTRKT’s album cover comes to life in the video for their collaborative track with Ezra Koenig, “New Dorp. New York”.
4. Here’s a clip from Beyoncé and Jay Z’s HBO On the Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z. You know, if you didn’t already watch it via someone else’s HBOGo.
5. Spanish artist Pejac just keeps creating amazing art. Pejac’s series of miniature window silhouettes interact with the outside world.

MOMENTS | Happy Labor Day, Miranda July x Somebody App, Horst P. Horst Retrospective, Arcade Fire Covers Wolf Parade, Photographer Kylli Sparre

Link up: Staying relevant on the go.

1. Happy Labor Day, everyone! Whether or not you have the day off today, we hope your holiday weekend looked a lot like Beyoncé in her “Drunk In Love” music video.