MOMENTS | Rehash: #TBT x Doug Abraham Collages Inspired By Egon Schiele’s 20th Century Expressionist Nudes 

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Fashion designer, artist and Instagram darling Doug Abraham’s collage mash-ups of fashion campaigns with porn, bondage, horror movies and art takes some of its inspiration from major early 20th century Austrian figurative painter Egon Schiele. Schiele brought an element of psychoanalysis to his work and also wrote poetry that described his artistic direction. Schiele was an early pioneer of expressionism, and the emotional and sexually confrontational nature of his work blurred the lines between the erotic and the sacred.

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1. Douglas Abraham, founder of fashion line Bess, turned his Instagram into a platform for art. Read about Abraham’s amazing collages, and then see how he mashes up advertising with cultural and art-world heroes.