MOMENTS | Meme: Instagram Account @ArtlexaChung Draws Comparisons Between Alexa Chung’s Photos and Classical Art

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Sisters Beatriz and María Valdovín, the duo behind the @artlexachung Instagram, combine images of British model Alexa Chung with classical and modern art to draw attention to the similarities between the two. Aside from the delightfully pun-y name—Artlexa Chung, c’mon that’s pretty amazing—the real treat lies in the strangely accurate parallels. Beatriz, a business and law student, and María, who completed her master’s in art history, found inspiration in Instagram accounts like @copylab and @flyartproductions. These accounts found different ways to transform art into modern day memes, and the sisters aren’t half-assing their work either. Each comparison is well studied and often quite educational, drawing attention to art that dates as far back as the 1600s.