MOMENTS | Throwback: #FBF BANKS Covered Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody?”

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It’s #FBF, and because today would been Aaliyah’s 36th birthday, we’re revisiting one of our favorite covers—BANKS’ magnificent interpretation of Aaliyah’s 1998 “Are You That Somebody” for BBC Live Lounge. Aaliyah’s hit song was once referred to as “Timbaland’s greatest gift to the world,” and 13 years after her death, the legendary singer’s vocal influence is still heard in the works of artists who blend the RB, bedroom-pop, and indie-pop genres. 

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1. “I come from the street. I’m in high fashion couture, and that’s my success. But it wasn’t planned. It just came naturally. I’ve got couture clients and I’ve got young generation. And I never forget about the young generation.” – Riccardo Tisci
The Nike +  R.T. Air Force 1 collection hits stores today. The Fader interviews Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci on his collaboration with Nike and on designing something that pushes new boundaries.