MOMENTS | Mash-up: Artist Above Remixes His Signature Arrows With A “Curvy,” Graphic Feeling  

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Above, the prolific—and anonymous—California born, London-based artist loves creating unique works that combine mediums that span from classic spray-painting to video installations. As a part of his two-month residency at the Inner State Gallery’s expansive Motor City studio, Above has put together an upcoming installation titled Remix. “Similar to how a DJ takes a sample of a Motown song and remixes it with a hip hop beat to create a new feeling and sound, my intention for Remix is to take the straight structure of the arrow and remix it with curvaceous wood cuts and contrasting color combinations, all while maintaining the uniformed integrity of the line,” explained Above. And sure enough, the round vinyl-like visual of the pieces have a very street art-meets-music vibe.