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Vimeo: Hacking Couture by Giana Gonzalez

As Anonymous and WikiLeaks have shown us, information can be found, altered, and used for bad or good. Hacking Couture, an online fashion project created by Giana Pilar Gonzalez, has tapped into our age's obsession with hacking, building, and reinventing. 

At its core, reinvention is what we're about: building, making, redesigning, and redefining what it means to be fashionable in the 21st century. Hacking Couture's sentiment echoes with the need for flexibility, an absence of conventions and limitations. 

This is a new way of creating fashion. Hacking Couture's manifesto reiterates the importance of building a community around reinvents, builders, and remixers. Inspired by open source coding, Hacking Couture embodies the spirit of the digital age, unfettered by the restrictions of cookie-cutter trends and identities. Above all else, it's a mentality that brings fashion back to the streets and to the people.