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David Hockney, "A Bigger Splash" 1967 
French street artist Zevs (pronounced 'Zeus') tinges his newest exhibition at Lazarides Gallery in London with environmental and political undertones. Drawing inspiration from David Hockney's 1967 piece, "A Bigger Splash", Zevs' "The Big Oil Splash"sits between pastiche and homage. After carefully replicating the exact dimensions of Hockney's work, Zevs then emulated an oil spill by tilting the canvas allowing paint to drip naturally. Remixing Hockney's classic with dark splatters of oil and the ominous "Exxon" logo adds a certain flavor of political activism prevalent throughout the exhibition. At its core, Zevs' work is a refreshing example of an artist's potential to shed light on key issues and the possibility of effecting real change. 
photos courtesy of the artist and Lazarides Gallery, London