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"The flying carpet" by Christian Krebs, 2010

 Art in the digital age constantly searches for an exciting voice and so it’s fascinating to see what people can conjure up when literally left to their own creative devices. Just ask Peter van der Zee.

Van der Zee's site, http://js1k.com, began as a small coding competition for Internet enthusiasts, but over the span of 6 years it morphed into a kind of online gallery space for digital artists…their medium of choice? Javascript. On http://js1k.com, users get to showcase their Javascript prowess in an annual competition where they are encouraged to flaunt their coding wizardry by submitting demonstrations of their work. As DIY and lo-fi as the site may look, the “demos” are often interactive, vibrant, and entertaining. For example, artist Guillaume Bort randomly generates 3D objects that animate when one mouses over them. Another post, by Christian Krebs dubbed "the flying carpet," is a slow moving spectrum of light and color.  

Although the Millenial’s penchant for creating the next Picasso may be overshadowed by a preference to boarding for Pinterest or creating like-friendly Instagram posts, that isn’t stopping us from clicking through a trippy new frontier of art. 

Image Source: "The flying carpet" by Christian Krebs, 2010