Staying relevant on the go.

RB artist Miguel recently told the NYT, “Most days, I wake up an artist; other days, I wake up a businessman. This day I woke up feeling both.” We understand that most people balance a lot at once. Our modular, Lego-like bags are designed to take you though the many different roles you play throughout the day for active people just like Miguel. From work, to the gym, to the opera, to the club… there’s a bag for that. And here’s some cultural knowledge to keep you relevant along the way…
1. Parisian digital artists put a minimalistic touch on the Harlem Shake.
2. Spanish Photographer Eugenio Recuenco recreates cubist Picasso paintings with models and makeup.

3. Stream M.I.A.’s Runway Mixtape for Kenzo F/W 2013 (and preview her upcoming album?!).
4. Dita Von Teese models the “First Fully Articulated 3D Printed Gown.” Va va voom.
5. Got style? Submit your Instagram photos to the #Untamed Digital Photo Exhibition and Get your 15 minutes.