Staying relevant on the go.

When artist Jean-Michel Basquiat said, “I know one day I’ll turn the corner and I won’t be ready for it,” he was technically talking about death. But the statement can really stand for any unforeseen event in life. We can only be as prepared as we can be, and BAMIN can certainly help you out. The late Basquiat has a show on view at New York’s Gagosian Gallery through April 6th—here’s some other stuff you should check out.
1. Chloë Seveigny’s 90s Throwback: Filmmaker Michael Cleary surfaces a never-before-seen Film Starring A Young Seveigny.

2. OKFocus’ New Project EMBED SHIT! Gives you way more options when embedding video. Loop, autoplay, and HD etc. made easy.
3. Find Your Name’s Best Anagram—AKA things to do post 3 PM.
4. Download Scottish producer and Kanye Collaborator Hudson Mohawke’s Slow Jams Chapter VI.
5. HBO will premiere VICE, a weekly “60 Minutes for Young People,” this Friday at 11 PM. The New Yorker reports how VICE got there.