Visionary musician and master of disguises David Bowie is making a comeback this year—not like he ever really left—very much contrary to the reports that he was embracing the quiet life.
He has a retrospective at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum (up through August 11th), a new album out last month, The Next Day, and is apparently in the running for Time magazine’s “Most Influential People” list.

Not to mention a curious new project, Bowie2001, has emerged. It’s a compilation of new Bowie remixes set to a re-imagined version of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Hear the music and watch the film here.
There’s no doubt Bowie carries a lot of bagage. If Bowie wore BAMIN (Build And Make It Now), he’d definitely carry an overnight for all the costume changes and late nights, with a black leather body (for easy remixing), with orange and blue neomesh accents to match his iconic Ziggy Stardust makeup.
You can carry BAMIN too, request an invite here.