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During his 15 years as Balenciaga’s head designer, Nicolas Ghesquière has wowed us with collections that seamlessly combine his futurist edge and precision fit with Cristóbal Balenciaga’s timelessness. As you’ve probably heard, Ghesquière has been named Louis Vuitton’s new artistic director of womenswear.

In celebration of Ghesquière’s upcoming LV collection, we think it’s only appropriate to reminisce over some of his most innovative work.
Before he became the creative director of Balenciaga, Ghesquière learned the “aesthetic of mixing” during his time with Jean Paul Gaultier in 1990. From his Spring 1998 “Star Wars” inspired debut to his tailored rendering of the stiff Balenciaga ruffles in his final collection, Ghesquière consistently brought a powerful modernity to Cristóbal’s iconic shapes.
Balenciaga’s Fall 2006 collection saw these shapes—the balloon dress, the egg-shaped coat of the ‘60s—resurface in technical fabrics with sleeker proportions.
Techno-floral print bell dresses and knee-high woven gladiator boots marched down the Spring 2008 runway to the classical notes of Vivaldi’s “Concerto No. 2 (Summer),” which was then remixed to the electronic beat of “Burst Generator” by The Chemical Brothers.
Ghesquière also collaborated alongside M/M Paris for Balenciaga’s Spring 2002 ad campaign, using collages where one woman becomes multiple characters.   
By mixing his modern aesthetic with an intense dedication Cristóbal’s template, Nicolas Ghesquière has given us over a decade of wonder-worthy collections. We’re super stoked to see what he does for Louis Vuitton.
[Photo source: WWD]