Staying relevant on the go.
George Balanchine once said, “There are no new steps, only new combinations”. We think Balanchine’s words beautifully summarize the remix ethos—taking the best stuff out there and coming up with unique ways to mix it all up. BAMIN (Build And Make It Now) bags are made of interchangeable parts, giving you the freedom to discover your favorite combinations.  
1. Theatre meets freestyle skating. Watch Spanish skateboarder Kilian Martin’s choreographed interpretation of Georges Bizet’s classic opera, “Carmen”.

2. This neat app remixes and transforms songs from electronic musician edisonnoside’s debut album, “Sadly by your side,” to reflect your surroundings.
3. Who knew we’d be wearing Silly String? 3D printing and digital textile printing come together to form Spray On Fabric.
4. You can curate work from emerging contemporary artists with ART:I:CURATE. Digital platforms democratizing creativity once again.
5. Alchemist, a Herzog de Meuron designed concept store that gives us our Gallic fashion fix with names spanning from Givenchy and Céline, has partnered with cooler-than-thou retailer Colette to create a unique Art Drive Thru experience for Art Basel Miami.
Alchemist is an all glass structure that sits in a former parking garage on the fifth floor of a car park. So take in that view while perusing the exclusive collections served up by the event’s ‘carhops’.