GIFs have been a ubiquitous part of the internet for quite a while, but they seemed more present than ever this last year. We wanted to celebrate some of the creative minds who have taken GIF-designing to the next level.  
1. When remix goddess M.I.A. launched M.I.A. x Versus Versace, she recruited photographer and GIF-master Jaime Martinez to help create its campaign.
Martinez puts a glitch-y gaze on the collection’s bootleg-inspired, psychedelic mash-up of iconic Versace logos. His uncanny ability to turn GIFs into high art perfectly captures the rebellious energy behind the capsule collection.

2. Banksy’s “Better Out Than In” project took place in the streets of New York in October, and the internet let us track down where and when they popped up (and when they were tagged over and taken apart).
Serbian Tumblr GIF artist ABVH gives life to Banksy’s poignant and humorous street art.
3. Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader, the duo behind Reed + Rader, use still photography and film with animation to make whimsical GIFs and fashion films that often marry fashion with video game technology.
Their most recent project, Halloween, uses the Unreal Engine to create the 3D sets for the models.
4. Hyperrealist photographer Thierry Van Biesen combines images of real people with elements of the fantastical. Though Van Biesen has collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld, Moebius and Kate Spade, his whimsical GIFs mostly appear on his Tumblr. For now.
5. Designer and writer Paul Wagenblast made GIFs that juxtapose S/S ’14 runway shows with their design references.
Here at BAMIN (Build And Make It Now), we’re fascinated by what Dada means in our digital world. So of course, our favorite of Wagenblast’s GIFs is his remix of the Céline runway, which samples from Kandindsky’s Improv Paintings, Joan Miro, and Jean Arp’s Automatic Dada Drawings.
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