Take a break from all the holiday festivities to revisit some of the best music videos that came out this year.

1. Haunting images are projected across Chance the Rapper’s face and body in his music video for “Everybody’s Something”. These hundreds of images are comprised of footage from cinema, television and Internet clips. Incredible.

2. Arcade Fire’s “Just a Reflektor” is exactly what we wanted from a James Murphy and Arcade Fire collaboration, and the interactive video made it hard to unplug our iPhones and leave that Haitian dreamscape.
The greatest thing about this piece? We also get to explore the technology Vincent Morisset and his team used to produce it.   
3. BAMIN (Build And Make It Now) HQ had a lot of trouble deciding which of Beyoncé’s new music videos we love the most. But when it comes down to it, our favorite has to be the Pierre Debusschere directed “Mine”.
Beyoncé’s image quite literally merges into Drake’s, and it’s a great visual accompaniment to the musical blend of Beyoncé’s tribal beats and Drake’s introspective vocals.
4. CHVRCHES’s “Gun” is a dizzy kaleidoscope of 60’s-esque psychedelic bliss and Internet graphics. It’s all super trippy.
5. Who doesn’t want 24-hours of happy? Pharrell’s 24-hour music video, “Happy”, is another phenomenal interactive video that came out this year. It’s hard not to grin while watching any of the 400 dancers spontaneously break out into dance.