Staying relevant on the go.
1. Thanks to Christy Turlington, models doing yoga is as ubiquitous as a Celine handbag. But we’re betting you haven’t seen a yoga tutorial like this from i-D Magazine. Let Lily McZenamy, a model clad in the chicest looks from Repossi, Balenciaga and Miu Miu show you how to do an utkatasana. Namaste.

2. We’ve been hankering for some soulful tunes. And there’s no other woman that can satiate our musical cravings than Aretha Franklin, especially her stellar 1968 Amsterdam performance of “Dr. Feelgood”. Happy Monday.
3. Speaking of music, we’d like to relive Beyoncé’s scintillatingly wet-haired performance of “Drunk In Love” with Jay-Z at the Grammy Awards last night. Wet hair, don’t care.
4. Paralyzed by emails? There’s an app for that.
5. From their other worldly graphic design work for Björk and collage-like Balenciaga campaigns, M/M Paris’s media mash-up approach to art direction, has been legendary. Learn how they got their start here.
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