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Staying relevant on the go.
Iris Van Herpen said, “Inspiration is a matter of sensitivity. It is the ability to collect from the past, present and future as they shift past us simultaneously.”

1. Iris van Herpen has been unstoppable. Van Herpen was the latest guest editor for Belgian publication A Magazine Curated By, filling the 13th issue with content and editorials that showcase her aesthetic.  
Her curated editorial featured haute couture pieces by Viktor RolfChristian Dior, Martin Maison Margiela and Chanel.


2. Remember when Beyoncé dropped her killer surprise album last year? Well, duh, of course you do. And she did it with a mysterious producer known only as Boots. Last month, Boots released solo track “Dust”, and he just put out synth-rock song titled “Howl”.

3. Get your jar of tears from Drake songs ready. Watch Drake perform a cover of his maybe girlfriend Rihanna’s hit single “Stay”.


4. If you were too enthralled by the voguers at Shane Oliver’s Hood By Air show, you can see and appreciate Oliver’s attention to detail in his FW14 video lookbook

5. NYC becomes a hallucinogenic Rorschach test. Artist, writer, technologist and New Aesthetic founder James Bridle created #Rorschcam with the New York Department of Transportation’s CCTV cams, from which you can choose any NYC intersection for the rorsch-series.
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