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Staying relevant on the go.

1. Watch Fractal Inventions, a fashion film by Laura Falconer that showcases the work of jewelry designer Silvia Weidenbach. Weidenbach uses the haptic arm, a tool that simulates clay sculpting, combining artisan skill with 3D printing technology.


2. During Fashion Month, Elizabeth Griffin, photographer for Elle, had models paint with light—via Picasso—for some backstage fun.

3. Read Owen Pallett’s music theory essay on the brilliance behind Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”.
Pallett’s treatise to the genius behind Lady Gaga’s “monomania” is the last in his series for Slate. We gotta say, we’re a little bummed out that this means he won’t be writing one for Beyoncé.

4. Watch Pitchfork’s documentary on the late, great DIY Brooklyn performance venue 285 Kent.

5. White Noise Shores is a collaboration between fashion photographer Per Zennstrom and 3D artist Torsten Weese. The project mixes 3D technology and old-school photography to create eerily beautiful sculpture compositions. 
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