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Staying relevant on the go.
1. VFiles’ satirical “Model Files” web series shot a normcore-themed episode. Watch makeunders happen at a fictitious Old Navy shoot.

2. BOOTS, AKA Jordy Asher AKA the mysterious producer behind Beyoncé’s surprise album, released a new duet with Beyoncé titled “Dreams”.

3. Musician, violin virtuoso and music theory educator Owen Pallett has a kaleidoscopic new video out for “Song For Five Six”. Directed by Jeff Scheven, the music video features choreography Robert Binet and dancers from Canada’s National Ballet School.

4. It’s probably fair to say we all do a little unintentional song remixing when we mishear (then belt) the lyrics to catchy songs. Here’s a study on the most misheard lyrics and artists.

5. Amanda Lepore—recording artist, model, muse, and transgender icon—is the sixth and final speaker for The Lost Lectures in NYC.
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