Staying relevant on the go.

1.  Read Another Magazine’s interview with Tumblr’s favorite tatted Zombie Boy, Rick Genest.


2. Couture wallpaper. Maison Martin Margiela collaborated with Omexco to produce wall coverings that feature Margiela’s signature trompe-l’œil prints.

3. Listen to “One Time For”, Atlanta rapper Rome Fortune’s new Four Tet-produced track.

4. Soundcloud vibes curator Odd Castles is putting out a literal cassette tape, titled those who were once friends are now fam, of their dreamy remixes of Fleetwood Mac and Beyoncé. Listen to some of those tunes via their SoundCloud page.

5. NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has released 400,000 high res images for non-commercial use. That’s pretty rad.

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