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Staying relevant on the go.
1. Watch the behind-the-scenes video of Cara Delevingne at Mulberry. And hear her discuss which of her tattoos she would like to see emulated in her collection for Mulberry.


2. Read Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke’s essay on the lack of black British musical identity.
3. Watch FKA twig’s hypnotic dance video for “tw-Ache”—a remix of an older track “Ache”.

4. Listen to Ryan Hemsworth’s new “Every Square Inch”. The genre-blending track also features Japanese producer Qrion.

5. The James Lee Byars Is Is and Other Works exhibition will be at Michael Werner until 30 August 2014. Byars was as American performance and installation artist who pioneered the blending of Minimal and Conceptual art.
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