MOMENTS | Link up: Don’t Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next Exhibition, Alexander Wang FW14 Campaign, Azealia Banks “Heavy Metal and Reflective”, Airhead THUMP, Paper Play by Gingko Press

Staying relevant on the go.

1. Don’t Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next is a new exhibition at FOAM Amsterdam. The show celebrates some of the best contemporary fashion photographers, such as Robi Rodriguez, Harley Weir, Jamie Hawkesworth and Julia Hetta.

2. Here’s a look at Alexander Wang’s FW14 campaign, shot by photographer Steven Klein.

3. Listen to Azealia Banks’s new single “Heavy Metal and Reflective”.

4. Rob McAndrew, guitarist and collaborator for James Blake, makes music under the name Airhead. Listen to the multi-instrumentalist’s new EP THUMP.

5. Check out Paper Play, a new book that explores the use of paper in contemporary art and design.

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