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Link up: Virgil Abloh, Illustrator Cédric Rivrain, Lorde’s High School Band, BenZel “Wasted Love”, Artist Eric Standley

1. Read this interview with Virgil Abloh, Kanye West’s creative director. Abloh also collaborates with Hood By Air and is  a formerly trained as a civil engineer and an architect.


2. Fashion illustration. See illustrator Cédric Rivrain’s drawing of “An azurée adventure for a winter surfer with Proenza Schouler’s architectural patchwork dress.”

3. #FBF.Listen to Characters, a recording from Lorde’s Fugazi, Mars Volta, and PJ Harvey-influenced band high school band And They Were Masked.

4. Then listen to “Wasted Love”, an intoxicating new track from the mysterious production duo BenZel.

5. Laser-cut genius. Artist Eric Standley uses laser-cut paper to create stained glass windows.You can see some of Standley’s “folk math” at “Fold, Paper, Scissors” at the Mesa Arts Center in Arizona.
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