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1. #FBF. AnOther Magazine has a retrospective piece on Bob Marley, the OG Rudeboy style icon.


2. Photographer Takehito Miyatake’s a long exposure technique he calls “the light of Japan”. His poetic and meditative approach allows him to photograph fireflies, volcanic eruptions, and beaches full of bioluminescencnt firefly squid.

3. Watch this teaser video for Grimes’s summer jam “Go”, which she initially wrote for Rihanna. Claire Boucher and her brother Mac directed the music video.

4. Listen to this early sketch of Lauryn Hill’s “Black Rage”. The RB legend released the recording in dedication to those protesting in Ferguson, MO.

5. We love the innovation behind the unconventional. Baghdad-based artist Othman Toma uses melted ice-cream bars and popsicles as “watercolors” to create his paintings.
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