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Link up: Staying relevant on the go.

1. Beauty derived from decay. Artist Marjan Teeuwen uses architectural debris from abandoned houses to sculpt gorgeous installations. 


2. Business of Fashion has a fantastic piece on Aurora James of Brother Vellies and her socially conscious, South African-inspired line of shoes. The brand also seeks to preserve traditional South African shoemaking craft.

3. Blonde Redhead’s Barragán is officially out Septemeber 2nd, but you can stream it here.

4. The golden-voiced Stevie Nicks is releasing a new album, titled 24 Karat Gold. The album comprised of formerly unreleased tracks. Listen to her piano medley “Lady”.

5. Street artist Pejac is back and has created more playful street art in Paris. Among his new works is a figure creating a water balloon splat of Manet’s famous The Luncheon on the Grass.
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