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Link up: Staying relevant on the go.

1. Happy Labor Day, everyone! Whether or not you have the day off today, we hope your holiday weekend looked a lot like Beyoncé in her “Drunk In Love” music video.


2. Writer, artist, actor, and filmmaker Miranda July goes digital with her new iPhone app, Somebody. It’s a message-sending app, but it’s unique in that it sends your message to the nearest person with the app.

3. Read this interview with Andy Cowan, Director for the Horst estate. Cowan speaks about the late photography’s enduring legacy and Horst: Photographer of Style, the upcoming retrospective at VA.

4. Watch Arcade Fire close their tour with an incredible cover of Wolf Parade’s “I’ll Believe In Anything” in Montreal.

5. Fine art photographer Kylli Sparre has more dreamy dance-inspired photographs.  
[Photo sources: Yonce Haunted, Short Cuts Radio, AnOther Magazine, Stereogum, This Is Colossal]