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Link up: Staying relevant on the go.


1. The club kid revival’s going strong. Jeremy Scott’s SS15 collection—featuring accessories and, um, “art” by Miley Cyrus—was laden with acid-house references.


2. Check out Purple Magazine’s coverage of the MM6 Maison Martin Margiela SS15 show. Nineties cowboy with geisha platforms and oversized, cinched silhouettes.

3. Listen to James Murphy’s remixes, “Match 4 (Remix)” and “Match 104 (Remix)”, of the US Open. Murphy teamed up with IBM and the U.S. Open to create an algorithm that would create songs using raw data from tennis matches

4. Then listen to Deerhoof’s new track “Paradise Girls”. Their album La Isla Bonitais out November 4th.

5. Germany-based photographer Bernhard Lang’s series Aerial Views Adria transforms the symmetrical beach gear at European beaches into abstract shapes and forms.
[Photo sources: Dazed And Confused, Purple Magazine, IBM, Pitchfork Media, My Modern Met]