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One Million Commandments is a glorious mash-up of the Ten Commandments and life lessons rappers serve up on twitter—only better because the site’s creators are aiming for a million morality tweets by rappers.
Net artist and hip-hop enthusiast Cecilia Azcarate teamed up with graphic designer Felipe Rocha and coder Tiago Duarte to make One Million Commandments happen. Azcarate is also responsible for the brilliant B4XVI Tumblr. For the uninitiated, B4XVI draws hilarious visual comparisons between the modern hip-hop aesthetic and the pre-16th century art by which the looks are seemingly inspired.

On the idea behind One Million Commandments, Azcarate explains,“Rappers are way more important or relevant than television or politicians. We wanted to find a way to save all that wisdom and keep it all together because some of it is very clever, while some of it’s really funny.”
It’s been a while since God dished out the Ten Commandments, and One Million Commandments has tweets of wisdom from Kanye West, Soulja Boy, Wiz Khalifa and (of course) Tyler, the Creator, amongst others.
You’ll have to visit the site to get the full effect, but each tweet is accompanied by an image of Moses holding a Commandment tablet as 90s-era icons of religious and cash money emojis fill the screen. 
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[Photo source: One Million Commandments]