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Black Atlass‘ slow burn and melancholic RB jam “Jewels”, from his Young Bloods EP, has a music video now. Directed by Yoann Lemoine, the video’s digitally made and remixed images of reality are a perfect embodiment of how the lines between the “real” world and the technological world have been blurred.

Director Yoann Lemoine noted that the 3D-rendered—and golden—humans get sculpted with the same care jewels would and told The FADER, “I used a DIY 3D scan system that rebuilds models from multiple still images, and what we call camera mapping, and played with this material in my computer. The reality pictured in this video only exists in the computer I used to create the piece…I wanted to question the limits of incarnation, of organic versus digital, creating a piece that was equally beautiful and intense. Equally organic and digital.”
Watch Black Atlass’ “Jewels” human-cyborg love song music video below.

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[Photo source: The FADER]