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In his Body Language exhibition, Matthew Stone, London-based artist, took sculptural cubes and linked them to collage art with cut-and-paste photographs of the human body. The photographs, which were also shot by Stone, used the interplay of light and darkness “to invoke and create history, rather than to document it”.
The collaged sculptures of the human body in Body Language were a rejection of simple binaries. Instead, the cut-and-paste bodies represented the conflicting realities in our politically and religiously polarized world. 

As an visual artist, photographer, performance artist, curator, writer, filmmaker, runway DJ, and shaman, “multi-faceted” barley begins to cover Stone’s culturally expansive body of work. His installations explore the human body and spirituality, often by combining different artistic mediums. 
Stone started making strides in 2003, when he and his friends formed art collective !WOWOW!. Though it began as an art squat, the collective evolved into an all-encompassing creative happening for artists, writers, fashion designers and musicians.
He effectively combined photography technology photography, performance and drawing in his second solo exhibition Love Focused Like a Laser. Using computer controlled engraving and photography that captures lasers on moving bodies, Stone “drew” the social sculptures. 
Not content with only taking on the art world, Stone has worked with Rick Owens to put together the designer’s SS13 runway soundtrack. Stone is also a long-time collaborator with Gareth Pugh and frequent DJ at Pugh’s shows.
Matthew Stone had his third and most recent solo exhibition, Unconditional Love, at The Hole in NYC. We can’t wait to see (or hear) what he does next.
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[Photo source: Matthew Stone]