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Will Wiesenfeld, the man behind Baths, is known for mixing arrhythmic and twitchy samples with his unsteady, trembling vocals to bring out poignant emotions in his electro-pop music. Wiesenfeld’s method of breaking up and putting together obscure samples and sounds—sounds like “clicking pens, vocal samples, rustling blankets and scissor snaps”—has helped him carve out a style that is unique to Baths.

But like all great artists and musicians, not every track he produces makes the cut. Over at Song Exploder, Baths has shared six “failed” demos, with an explanation for why each didn’t quite work out. On his motivation behind releasing these tracks, Baths states, “[I wanted] to show them in the right context, as incomplete or misdirected little musings. Bits of music that began as inspired ideas, but ones that I never saw all the way through.”
Though he claims these are “failed” tracks, we have to say, they’re still pretty incredible. When Wiesenfeld made “Eireloria [Meek]”, he was thinking of Castlevania and the first half of Beauty and the Beast, when “Belle is more or less alone when she first ventures into the mansion, and the atmosphere around her is very sinister and mysterious”.
Since “Qissorom3 mix” was very much Dntel-inspired, Wiesenfeld felt the track was too obvious. However, the initial and very interesting concept behind it was to make “a song that moved from a more complex rhythm into a second half that was far more dumbed down, through a sort of fake-out crossfade”.
So listen to “Eireloria [Meek]” and “Qissorom3 mix” below before checking out the rest of these demos over at Song Exploder.

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[Photo source: Baths]