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Fashion designer, artist and Instagram darling Doug Abraham’s collage mash-ups of fashion campaigns with porn, bondage, horror movies and art takes some of its inspiration from major early 20th century Austrian figurative painter Egon Schiele. Schiele brought an element of psychoanalysis to his work and also wrote poetry that described his artistic direction. Schiele was an early pioneer of expressionism, and the emotional and sexually confrontational nature of his work blurred the lines between the erotic and the sacred.

His portraitures, known for their expressive lines and twisted body shapes, are searing explorations of his subjects’ psychological state of being. Schiele achieved these great depths through repeated confrontations with his sitters’ psyche and sexuality. Compared to his literary contemporaries, Schiele was not an exceptional poet. However, his poetry served as a supplement to his paintings and was very much an artist’s attempt to versify his painterly eye.
Egon Schiele undoubtedly left a significant cultural impression, and in Doug Abraham’s homage to the artists who have inspired him, Abraham created Supreme-Schiele hybrid collages.The collages evoke a very post-modern digital feel and much like Schiele’s work, are meant to amuse, shock, arouse and challenge the viewer. 
The Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude retrospective is on display at The Courtauld Gallery until 2015 January 18.
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[Photo source: BessNYC4]