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Above, the prolific—and anonymous—California born, London-based artist loves creating unique works that combine mediums that span from classic spray-painting to video installations. As a part of his two-month residency at the Inner State Gallery’s expansive Motor City studio, Above has put together an upcoming installation titled Remix. “Similar to how a DJ takes a sample of a Motown song and remixes it with a hip hop beat to create a new feeling and sound, my intention for Remix is to take the straight structure of the arrow and remix it with curvaceous wood cuts and contrasting color combinations, all while maintaining the uniformed integrity of the line,” explained Above. And sure enough, the round vinyl-like visual of the pieces have a very street art-meets-music vibe.

Above has been creating public art since 1995 and established his international presence with his multi-layer, social and political stencils, large text-based murals, and most significantly, his wooden arrow-shaped kinetic art installations. As a part of a 15+ year, large-scale art campaign, his iconic arrow has appeared in over 100 cities and over 60 different countries. The arrow, like the rest of his work, is meant to raise awareness about current social, political or international events.
On why he chose Detroit for his first installation in two years, the street artist said, “Detroit historically encompasses many aspects of the definition of Remix. My first time visiting Detroit was in 2004, and a decade later I’ve noticed a large remix of the city, both positive, and negative. Detroit has style and a raw uncensored energy, there is no doubt about that. To debut this new style of work here in Detroit feels like a perfect fit. Detroit, as well as this body of work, are both growing and expanding into new dynamic directions.”
Above’s Remix exhibition will be on display at the Inner State Gallery in Detroit from November 21st through December 26th.
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[Photo source: Above]